Collaborative writing

We are using  this blog for collaborative writing. User will have the Editor or Author WordPress-Role. Editor or Author may write an article and request a review in the same language. In this case, the content, the spelling and grammar will be verified by Editors. Author may also request a translation of its article in an other language. Translation will be done by Authors or Editors having the language skill required.

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  1. If you can understad me, you can say, we habe the fairness!! Unless you, you will see, which part ist unfair(wrong) in the Systhem in the world. We need the time to discuss long peorid from A until Z. But your idea is very special, so that i would like to keep my contcting to discuss. I will invite some people to my house to talk with us together!! It is our honest equality from the equal-valance in the world like G7 ;=))
    as J7(Jacqu+Jap and so on)

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