From the fall of a wall to its reconstruction

What grieves me the most in the celebrations of the fall of the wall separating east and west is the reluctance to denounce the reconstruction of a physical border for people between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Because if the legislative elections of December 12 give a majority to the Tories, there will be a physical border on January 31 concerning people, but not services and goods. Indeed, if the withdrawal agreement is adopted, the negotiations will continue until 31 December 2020, the time to organize the future trade relationship with the United Kingdom (1). So we will be in the paradoxical situation, where the goods can still circulate freely but not the people. I’m afraid that finally in 2020, just as we finally get used to the wall between East and West, we will give access to the European market to whoever wants it and to the British first, while banning Europeans to travel freely. To accept this situation, where our children will have to move less freely than it was possible for us, is unacceptable. I therefore encourage the British to vote for the Liberal Democrats or the environmentalists and to eliminate the old parties that led the United Kingdom and the European Union in this situation. This recommendation also applies to anyone living on the continent.

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