Video meeting about Pandemic, societal & political implication in April 15, starting at 20:00

Thanks you to have take part to our doodle. According to our little survey, a majority want to have the meeting in April 15. Even if you did not take part to the doodle you can still participate to the meeting. We use Zoom conferencing system. You can take part to the meeting from PC, Mac or any mobiles phones. There is an App to install, but no account is required to access the meeting. You can take part in an anonymous manner if you want.

There will be two sessions that will last 40 minutes each. The first session will start at 20:00 and end at 20:40. The discussion we be held preferentially in German and French language (English speakers are welcome). The second part will start at 21:00 and end at 21:40. It will be held in English (German and French speakers are welcome as well).

The URL of the first part (20:00-20:00) is and Meeting ID is 766 890 613.

The URL of second part (21:00-21:40) is Meeting ID: 457 799 565.

There is nothing to prepare to attend this meeting. It is about small talks.

You may try to answer the following questions if you want:

Are our gouvernements well prepare for the pandemic?

What do you think of how Europe react to the pandemic?

What measures did you take to protect yourself?

What would you change in your life so that a pandemic does not happend again?

What are the measure that a human society should take to avoid or minimize the impact of such pandemic?

Are you willing to engage politically so that things work better the next time it happend (because yes, there will be a next time)?

Do you think that the pandemic is related to all theses things like climate change, hole in ozone layer, air pollution, decrease in animal and plant diversity, the deforestation, obesity, diabetes, the fact that 30 % of us will die of some kind of cancer or the death of bees?

Have a nice day!

The organising committee.

PS: if you need assistance or to test Zoom with me, just contact me (through Facebook, our meetup group or the platform.


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