My thoughts on the pandemic

Are our governments well prepared for the pandemic?

This is difficult to assess. Both France and Germany have too few protective masks in stock. Germany, on the other hand, has enough intensive care unit stations and is well equipped with respirators. It would probably have been necessary to act faster to stop the flow of tourists and business people from Wuhan. They should have been not allowed to enter Europe or leave China.

What do I think about the way in which Europe is responding to the pandemic?

Europe has not been given the instruments to combat this kind of disasters. Europe could have been more legitimate than the Member States to stop the movement of people, tourists, businessmen, etc. Europe could have sent a rapid health intervention force to help countries in difficulty. But a rapid reaction force did not exist. Europa could have requisitioned beds and distributed the sick throughout the European Union.

What measures have I taken to protect myself?

I limit my interactions with people to avoid contact with the virus (contacts are limited to the restricted family circle). I avoid crowded places and large population mixes. I still avoid shopping in supermarkets. I prefer fresh products, I shop at the markets, I hike mainly in the forest and alone. I try to lose weight. I started sewing to make washable protective masks.

What will I change in my life to prevent a pandemic from happening again?

I have to rehabilitate Roselyne Bachelot, whom I myself have sometimes criticized!

I will limit the number of trips abroad and use more video conferencing. I will work to ensure that scientific conferences and meetings are organised online.  I will promote short production/consumption cycles. I will wear a mask in case of flu. Continue to apply basic hygiene measures such as cleaning the keyboard, mouse and door locks. Reduce my ecological footprint.

What measures should a human society take to prevent or minimize the impact of such a pandemic?

I am convinced that it is important to reduce our national debt so that our tax money is used to finance the equipment/services needed by the population and not to pay the interest rate on debt. Our taxes must be used to reduce our environmental footprint. Our world is limited in size, our resources are limited. Our debts finance the excessive consumption of resources.

It is important to regulate the financial markets, not through intervention by central banks, but, for example, by restricting the buying and selling of shares and financial products to about 20{3640e4e722d9f27d3dbe283aef984f81d2295096ae31bcb31608f3ffda9cc139} of total investment over a period of one year. This would prevent speculation, and above all protect us from the risk of market manipulation

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