What does the dissolution of the Assemblée Nationale mean to me?

The dissolution of the National Assembly desired and pronounced by French President Emmanuel Macron, as the constitution allows him to do, is in the circumstances a big mistake, but it is also a betrayal, and a striking demonstration that an investment banker does not necessarily make a good president. You’d have to have read Montesquieu to understand why, mister business man.

This dissolution is a betrayal of those who put their trust in him. Not only does it nullify my votes, but it will result in far right coming to power, which is what I wanted to avoid.

The Republican front against far right will no longer exist, I am afraid. Emmanuel Macron had a relative majority. He had a mandate, but had to find a majority on texts on a case-by-case basis. But what I saw was deputies overcoming their disagreements before the President, by playing institutional tricks, reduced their work to nothing, closing the door to any compromise. I’m afraid he did weakened our institutions by turning the Constitutional Council into a clergyman!

Internationally, Emmanuel Macron has failed to denounce and act against the crimes committed by Benjamin Netanjahu’s far-right, religious extremist government. Nor will he have strengthened the power of the United Nations by helping to endow it with a monopoly on legitimate violence.

So we’re heading for cohabitation. In other words, Emmanuel Macron will have to work with a far-right Prime Minister. The people who have supported Macron will not accept this. Emmanuel Macron will find himself all alone. Does France need a cohabitation? The answer is certainly yes, but I fear that the president will use all the strings the constitution offers him to block, prevent and divide, and that in the end only the discontent will emerge that could give the far-right the possibility of also being elected by direct universal suffrage, i.e. in the current state of our constitution the power to block everything at European level too, because the president would be far-right and Putin-compatible.

Let’s never divide ourselves as French people. I have great respect for those who see hope in the far right, but I’m afraid they’re wrong, and I’d like to tell them that it’s going to complicate my life as a frontier worker, i.e. when passing the frontier between France and Germany, because that is my reality, the Europe in which I live.

As of this minute, I consider myself to be in the opposition and no longer a member of Renaissance (renew). I won’t be taking part in the Front Républicain against far right for the simple reason that I haven’t found a political force in which I could fight for a Europe in which the European president is elected by universal suffrage, and in which this Europe has a common, independent defense.

I am for a European Nationalism not at the french state level. I want a European national state with an elected president. It sound crazy, but I am sure I am not the only one.

To conclude on a note of black humor, I’d say that Europe began with a famous Cognac merchant who served his customers well. Then finance took over, and we had Emmanuel Macron. When you go into debt, first the house is mortgaged, then the banker becomes the owner of the house, then it’s sold, but rarely with its inhabitants. You may said you found investors, but the truth is you are selling the house. So the question for the banker is how to get rid of the inhabitants of this house, which is our democracy? Well, the answer is Manu-Militari using dissolution!.

French people, let’s not divide ourselves. Our diversity of opinion is our wealth and a resource for economic and social progress, but let’s not waste our energy on sterile quarrels.

Suffrage has spoken. Let’s respect this vote, but remain vigilant. Voters will soon tire of the disorder caused in France by the bazooka methods of a Netanjahu, even if he’s wearing a skirt. France abhors disorder.